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Who we are

We are an independent Government department working across England, Wales and Northern Ireland to protect public health and consumers' wider interests in food. We make sure that food is safe and what it says it is. 
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Food We Can Trust Strategy 2015-2020

Our strategy, Food We Can Trust 2015-2020, focuses on our purpose and mission. 

It’s our job to use our expertise and influence so people can trust that the food they buy and eat is safe and honest. Our strategy recognises that there are growing challenges around food safety, affordability, security and sustainability. Our strategy outlines our purpose and responsibilities, and the roles and responsibilities of others, in meeting these challenges.

Science underpins everything we do

We use science, evidence and information to deliver food we can trust. Find further information about our Science Evidence and Information 2015-2020 Delivery Plan.

Supporting Strategic Plan

Our supporting strategic plan sets out proposed approaches to ensure that consumers are consistently protected, informed and empowered.

These approaches include

  • using science, evidence and information both to tackle the challenges of today, and to identify and contribute to addressing emerging risks for the future
  • using legislative and non-legislative tools highly effectively to protect consumer interests and deliver consumer benefits – influencing business behaviour in the interests of consumers being genuinely open and engaging, finding ways to empower consumers
  • both in our policy making and delivery, and in their relationship with the food industry

How our strategy was developed

We reviewed and considered a large amount of evidence on a wide range of factors that are likely to have an impact on our operating environment up to 2020 and beyond. Analysis of social, environmental, economic, technological and other factors provided the platform on which we have built our high-level priorities and key themes for 2015-20.

Throughout the development, we engaged with a wide range of external and internal stakeholders and consumers. We sought their views and comments to inform this work.

Our stakeholder engagement included the following:

  • consumers
  • consumer organisations
  • academia and the scientific community
  • industry representatives
  • trade bodies
  • local authorities
  • other Government departments
  • non-governmental organisations
  • colleagues across our organisation

Read about the consumer engagement and research we carried out to inform the development of our Strategy can be found within our research findings.