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FSA Board meeting June 2018

Agenda and papers for our Board's meeting on 20 June 2018.
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Meeting video

A recording of the FSA Board meeting in June 2018.


Agenda and papers

09:00-13:15 - Board meeting

09:00-09:05 Heather Hancock

Chair's introduction and apologies for absence

09:10-09:15 Minutes and actions arising

09:05-09:10 (5 mins) Heather Hancock

09:10-09:15 (5 mins) Heather Hancock

09:15-09:45 Reports

09:15-09:25 (10 mins) Heather Hancock

09:25-09:45 (20 mins) Jason Feeney

09:45-12:50 Strategic/policy papers

09:45-10:25 (40 mins) Rod Ainsworth

10:25-10:50 (25 mins) Nina Purcell, Leigh Sharpington

10:50-11:15 (25 mins) Colin Sullivan, Simon Dawson, Ian McWatt

11:15-11:30 (15 min) Break

11:30-12:00 (30 min) Michael Wight, Simon Dawson

12:00-12:15 (15 min) Colin Sullivan, Andy Morling

12:15-12:30 (15 min) Steve Cowperthwaite

12:30-12:45 (15 min) Laura Eden, Zoe Bond

12:45-12:50 (5 min) Oral report from ARAC - Colm McKenna

12:50-13:05 Information papers

12:50-13:00 (10 min) Ruth Hussey, Colm McKenna

Food Advisory Committee reports

13:00-13:05 (5 min) Any other business

13:05 End of Board meeting

13:05-13:15 (10 min) Q & A session

Changes to how members of the public can put questions to the board 

The FSA Board welcomes questions on the discussions held at each of its meetings. Previously, questions have been submitted during the course of a Board meeting, and answered at the end.  We have found that this means public comment relevant to specific papers is only raised after the discussion. In addition, providing full answers to the wide range of issues raised is constrained by time and our attention being directed to the debate in the room. We are therefore improving the process for public questions. 

From now on, questions can be submitted once all Board papers have been published. The window for submitting questions opens on the Monday morning before a Board meeting (for this meeting, that is 18 June) and closes at noon on the day before the Board meeting (19 June). All questions will be read out at the start of the meeting. As appropriate, they will be answered by the Board and Executive as part of the relevant discussions or by correspondence and published on our website within 14 working days.

Please follow instructions on our website to submit your questions to: in advance of the meeting.
There is also an opportunity for those attending in person to ask questions, this will continue to happen at the end of the Board meeting.

13:15-13:45 (30 min) Lunch

13:45-15:00 Business Committee

13:45-13:55 Minutes and actions arising

13:45-13:50 (5 min) Heather Hancock

13:50-13:55 (5 min) Heather Hancock

13:55-14:15 (20 min) Jason Feeney

14:15-15:00 Operational papers

14:15-14:35 (20 min) Chris Hitchen

14:35-14:55 (20 min) Chris Hitchen

14:55-15:00 (5 min) Any other business