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Sign up for Food Standards Agency email updates and get the latest product withdrawal and recall details sent as an SMS text message to your mobile phone. You can also follow us.

Email updates

Our websites are updated many times each day, so keep yourself posted by registering for our email updates. We have 25 different categories, so you can choose to get the information that's most useful and relevant for you. Every time something new goes on the website in your chosen category, we'll let you know by email.

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Product withdrawals, recalls, Allergy Alerts and Colour Alerts by SMS

Get details of all the latest product withdrawals and recalls, Allergy Alerts, and news about the European Food Safety Authority's (EFSA) evaluation of colours in food, as soon as they're issued by getting the details sent as a SMS text message direct to your mobile phone.

To sign up to the free service for product withdrawals and recalls, including Food Alerts for Action, simply send the text message 'START FOOD' to the number 62372. To unsubscribe, just text 'STOP FOOD' to the same number.

To sign up to the free Allergy Alert SMS service, simply send the text message 'START ALLERGY' to 62372. Texting 'STOP ALLERGY' unsubscribes you. You can also follow #AllergyAlert on Twitter and Facebook.

To sign up to the free colours SMS service, that alerts you to EFSA publishing an opinion on a colour, simply send the text message 'START COLOURS' to 62372. Texting 'STOP COLOURS' unsubscribes you.

The initial text will be charged at your network provider's rate.

If you would like to receive texts for future FSA campaigns, send the text message 'FSA START' to the number 62372. To unsubscribe, text 'FSA STOP' to the same number.

The FSA uses a third party to provide its SMS message service. Phone numbers will only be used for the purpose of sending the text messages that users have opted for. Numbers are stored on a secure database until such time as a user chooses to unsubscribe from receiving the text messages. Texts to subscribe and unsubscribe will be charged at your network provider's rate; messages you receive from the FSA are free.

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