How to complain

The Food Standards Agency is responsible for food safety policies and legislation. We are not responsible for enforcing food safety and standards in most food premises, such as restaurants and takeaways. This is the responsibility of local authorities.

We also do not handle complaints about food products contaminated with items such as metal, plastic or paper. Again, this is handled by local authorities.

Complaints about food hygiene or safety

Do you want to report poor hygiene in a food outlet, a foreign object in a food item you purchased, or food poisoning that you think resulted from eating food from a restaurant or other food premises?

Contact the food safety team in your local council. To find your local food safety or trading standards team, use our postcode search tool at the link below.

Complaints about the Food Standards Agency

If you want to complain about the Food Standards Agency, please go to the complaints page using the link below.

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