Approved premises in the UK

European Union member states' competent authorities must give approval to establishments handling, preparing or producing products of animal origin for which requirements are laid down in Regulation (EC) 853/2004. Member states are required to publish lists of these establishments under sixteen separate sections each corresponding to a different food sector.

These sections are set out below. Under each section you will find the lists of that type of establishment for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Section Activity
SECTION 0 General activity establishments*
SECTION I Meat of domestic ungulates*
SECTION II Meat from poultry and lagomorphs*
SECTION III Meat of farmed game*
SECTION IV Wild game meat*
SECTION V Minced meat, meat preparations and mechanically recovered meat*
SECTION VI Meat products*
SECTION VII Live bivalve molluscs
SECTION VIII Fishery products
SECTION IX Dairy products
SECTION X Eggs and egg products (not currently available)
SECTION XI Frogs' legs and snails
SECTION XII Rendered animal fats and greaves
SECTION XIII Treated stomachs, bladders and intestines*

* Please note that where an approval number is shown on one of these lists without a two-letter prefix, that establishment is approved by the Food Standards Agency's Operations Group rather than a local authority.

More in this section

  • Animal feed approval

    European Commission (EC) Regulation 183/2005 on Feed Hygiene requires feed businesses that manufacture, market or use certain additives and products for animal feed to be approved and/or registered.

  • Animal welfare at slaughter

    Under EU regulations, full responsibility for animal welfare and food safety in slaughterhouses rests with food business operators who must meet legislative requirements in terms of slaughterhouse design, layout and equipment. Their slaughterers must be competent and appropriately trained, and licensed to slaughter all species presented to them.

  • Approval of establishments: Guidance for local authorities

    Guidance for the use of local food authority authorised officers in the UK in relation to the approval of food business establishments that handle products of animal origin.

  • Approval of meat plants

    Under the food hygiene legislation, meat plants require approval unless they benefit from specific exemptions.

  • Approved milk and dairy product establishments

    Under food hygiene legislation, food businesses handling milk and dairy products require approval unless they benefit from specific exemptions.

  • Change of FBO: approval of establishments

    Food businesses approved by the Food Standards Agency that change food business operator (FBO) after 31 January 2012 will need a new approval before they can undertake approvable activities. However, the new FBO can continue to operate under the existing approval for a short period of time, but not exceeding a maximum of four weeks after the change of FBO, until a new assessment is undertaken.

  • Fishery products and live bivalve molluscs approval

    Lists of premises that handle or process fishery products and live bivalve molluscs, approved under European Union Regulation 853/2004.