To ensure food safety is monitored at every stage of the food chain, the Agency provides advice, practical support materials and funding for inspection and sampling programmes at a national and local level.

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  • Dairy hygiene inspections

    FSA dairy hygiene inspections aim to ensure a satisfactory standard of hygiene is maintained on all dairy farms by inspecting milking premises, equipment and milk-producing animals, and enforcing satisfactory standards. The inspections help to protect the nation's raw milk supply from the risk of contamination by bacteria and other substances, some of which are potentially harmful.

  • Enforcement of food hygiene in butchers' shops

    Information for local authorities on enforcement at butchers' shops selling raw meat and ready-to-eat foods.

  • Food laboratories

    Details of National Reference Laboratories and Official Food Control Laboratories in the UK

  • Food sampling resources

    The Food Standards Agency supports local authority food sampling programmes that are regularly carried out to ensure the safety of our food supply.

  • Horse meat investigation

    The FSA is investigating, in conjunction with other government departments, local authorities and the food industry, how a number of beef products on sale in the UK came to contain horse meat.

  • Local authority enforcement data and LAEMS

    LAEMS is a web-based system used to report local authority food law enforcement activities to the Food Standards Agency.

  • Official controls in approved meat premises

    The Food Standards Agency is responsible for meat inspection duties in approved meat premises in England, Scotland and Wales. It is the role of the Agency to help ensure that the meat industry safeguards the health of the public, and the health and welfare of animals at slaughter.

  • Review of official controls delivery

    The Food Standards Agency reviewed how local authorities and port health authorities carry out activities to monitor and secure business compliance with food law. These activities are collectively known as 'official controls'.

  • Shellfish monitoring

    Food safety regulation and monitoring of the shellfish harvesting industry.

  • UK Food Surveillance system

    The UK Food Surveillance system (UKFSS) is a national database for central storage of analytical results from feed and food samples taken by enforcement authorities (local authorities and port health authorities) as part of their official controls.