The Agency aims to ensure that EU wine regulations are enforced in the UK. It also maintains the UK Vineyards Register.

Our enforcement responsibilities apply to all premises and traders within the production and marketing chain, including wholesalers, warehouses and vineyards. Retail premises come under the control of Local Authorities Trading Standards, as do licensing law requirements.

The UK Vineyards Register records the area covered by vineyards and the annual harvest and production returns from growers and producers.

Our objectives

  • to encourage growers and traders to comply with laws on wine by offering advice and education
  • to carry out a programme of inspections, using risk analysis to deliver a targeted and cost-effective and service
  • to identify breaches of the law and gather evidence for legal action in serious cases
  • to work closely with other regulatory bodies

Contact us

Please contact Graham Finch for further information:

Food Standards Agency
Wine Standards
Foss House
Kings Pool
Peasholme Green
York YO1 7PR

Tel: 01732 824661

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