Licensing, inspection and reporting regimes which govern the meat production and processing industries.

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  • Audit of meat establishments

    The FSA carries out routine audits of approved meat establishments (that is slaughterhouses, cutting plants and game handling establishments) in Great Britain. In Northern Ireland, these audits are carried out by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) on behalf of the FSA.

  • Food chain information

    The EU food hygiene legislation requires slaughterhouse operators to request, receive, check and act upon food chain information (FCI) for all animals sent for slaughter for human consumption.

  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) in meat plants

    HACCP is an internationally recognised way of managing food safety and protecting consumers. All food business operators except farmers and growers are required by EU food hygiene legislation, to implement and maintain hygiene procedures based on HACCP principles.

  • Meat and livestock guidance

    Guidance notes for meat and livestock regulations

  • Meat Industry Guide (MIG): food hygiene and other regulations for the UK meat industry

    Guidance to assist UK meat plant operators whose premises require approval and veterinary control under the European Union Food Hygiene Regulations.

  • Trichinella in pigs

    Trichinosis is a disease caused by the larvae, 'trichinae', of a small nematode worm (Trichinella spiralis), which can affect many species including humans.