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Phelim O’Neill - Member of the Northern Ireland Food Advisory Committee

Outlines the professional history and qualifications of the members of the Northern Ireland Food Advisory Committee.

Phelim O’Neill holds a Law Degree from Queens University and a Master’s in Business Strategy from the University of Ulster. He is currently Market Intelligence Specialist with the Irish Farmers Journal, having spent his previous career in many roles in the red meat industry and has a specific interest in effective regulation of the food industry.

Phelim served as a member of both the Stakeholder Group on Current & Future Meat Controls and the Northern Ireland Industry Liaison Group where he developed a mutual understanding of industry and regulation. Phelim regularly engages with politicians in Belfast and Dublin. 

Phelim served on many agri-food industry boards including:

  • Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC)
  • Northern Ireland Food Chain Certification (NIFCC)
  • Northern Ireland Food and Drink Association (NIFDA)
  • Food and Drink Sector Skills (FDSS)
  • Agri-search Trustee’s Board and Red Meat Committee of Agri Food Strategy Board (AFSB)

Phelim writes for the Irish Farmers Journal and contributes to the broadcast media.

Personal Interests

Consultancies and / or direct employment

  • I am a salaried employee of the Irish Farmers Journal and committee member of the Northern Ireland Food Advisory Committee

Fee Paid Work

  • None


  • None

Clubs and other organisations

  • Member of Augher GFC, Omagh and Donegal (Murvagh) Golf clubs

Other Personal Interests

  • None

Non-personal Interests


  • None

Indirect Support

  • None


  • None

Land and Property

  • None

Other public appointments

  • None

Other non-personal interests 

  •  None