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David Peace - Welsh Food Advisory Committee member

Wales specific
Outlines the professional history and qualifications of our Welsh Food Advisory Committee members.
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David Peace has an extensive management career involved in the food and farming industry.

Following his early business training with two of the largest tobacco multinationals, David joined the poultry industry division of Union International. He moved into the red meat industry with Borthwicks PLC before joining the food manufacturing division of Booker PLC, supplying prepared food to the leading UK multiple retailers. It was at that point he accepted an offer to join ADAS as Head of Food, in the three years leading up to the privatisation process, remaining for a year beyond its completion.

David's tenure at ADAS was followed by his role as inaugural Chief Executive of Assured British Meat. This was created in response to the BSE crisis, which became part of the Red Tractor Assurance (RTA) initiative, now custodian of most mainstream farm assurance standards in the UK. He then spent nine years as Managing Director of Soil Association Certification Limited (SACL), the certification subsidiary of the Soil Association charity, responsible for the certification of over 80% of UK organic food.

During 2010, with funding from a private equity firm, David formed a new certification business venture, Certus Compliance Group Ltd, aimed at acquiring certification businesses in the food and associated sectors, and served as the company’s Chief Executive. Certus’ first acquisition, SFQC Ltd (Scottish Food Quality Certification) came in June 2011. As 2012 approached, David moved from Certus to develop his consultancy and non-executive work.

Personal interests

Consultancies and/or direct employment

  • Vorenta Limited (owning company of Hall Mark Meat Hygiene Limited, Meat and Livestock Commercial Services Limited; part-owner of HMMH Scotland Limited and Probita Solutions Limited).
  • Vorenta Limited (Chairman)
  • Hall Mark Meat Hygiene Limited (Chairman)
  • Meat and Livestock Commercial Services Limited (Chairman)
  • Probita Solutions Limited (Chairman)
  • Dixton House Limited (dormant)

Fee-paid work

  • Approved Therapeutic Foster Carer


  • Vorenta Limited
  • Tesco PLC
  • Royal Mail PLC
  • Dixton House Limited - doormant 

Clubs and other organisations

  • Member of the Farmers Club, London
  • Member of the Fostering Network
  • Member of the Soil Association

Other personal interests

  • Old House Farm

Non-personal interests


  • None

Indirect support

  • None


  • Davina Peace Personal Injury Trust

Land and property

  • Owns own home and a rented flat

Other public appointments

  • Appeals Panel for Farmers and Foresters in Wales – 2011 to 2014
  • Advisory Committee on Organic Standards (ACOS) – 2003 to 2006

Other non-personal interests

  • None