Data and policies

Find out more about the Agency's various policies, including freedom of information, equality, service standards and Welsh language. In this section you can also see our published transparency data.

More in this section

  • Freedom of Information

    The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIRs) give any person legal rights of access to information that is held by a public authority.

  • Our information charter

    How we handle and look after personal information about you so that we can provide services for you.

  • Greening Government

    The UK Government has introduced a series of commitments for delivering sustainable operations for Government departments to achieve. The Food Standards Agency strives to meet the Greening Government commitments, and we are committed to being open and transparent about how well we are doing.

  • Website policies

    How to get the most from the Food Standards Agency website including advice on browser settings and information on accessibility standards.

  • Welsh language policy

    The FSA's Welsh Language Scheme describes which services we provide in Welsh and how and when these services will be provided. Our policy reflects the requirements of the Welsh Language Act 1993 and the Welsh Language Measure 2011.

  • Civil Service People Survey

    The Civil Service People Survey (CSPS) is an annual survey open to all Civil Servants and those that work for Civil Service organisations.

  • Equality

    The Food Standards Agency is committed to providing equality of opportunity and eliminating all forms of discrimination, harassment and bullying. It is committed to promoting a good and harmonious working environment in which everyone is treated with respect and will not tolerate discrimination, bullying and harassment of any kind.

  • FSA approach to consultation

    Who, how and why does the Food Standards Agency consult? Our approach to consultation is explained in this policy statement, which aims to inform you about how we seek and take into account views when we make legislation, guidance and policy decisions.

  • FSA employee survey

    The results of research the FSA commissioned to understand bullying and harassment in the workplace against its meat operations staff.

  • How to make an appeal

    Your business has the right to make an appeal against a local authority decision if you don't agree with action taken by a local authority inspector. This page provides information on what to expect from a local authority inspection and explains what you can do to help resolve an issue and decide whether you have grounds for making an appeal to the FSA Independent Business Appeals Panel.

  • Public appointments to advisory committees

    The Annual Appointments Report includes details of the people appointed to the seven advisory committees for which FSA is responsible. It also includes diversity levels and progress against diversity targets.

  • Science and evidence: publication of underpinning data

    Where possible, the underpinning data from science and evidence gathering projects commissioned by the Agency should be made freely available in an accessible format that allows the widest availability for generating added value and enabling re-use.

  • Service standards

    Whether you are a consumer or business, the Food Standards Agency is committed to providing you with a helpful, courteous and efficient service. Our standards set out the level of service you can expect from us.

  • Transparency data: spending and staff

    In line with the Government's transparency commitment the Agency publishes information on the following areas to ensure maximum openness and transparency.